Roots – EP

ROOTS-FINALWell… the EP is finally done 🙂

My exhaustion has been sidelined by my level of excitement and anticipation over these coming months. I’ve received truly thoughtful messages and phone calls from fans, friends, and family surrounding their impressions and support on this project.

A thanks is in order to you all! You are what make it all worthwhile; music demands to be shared.



I chose ‘Roots’ as the title in that I felt it adequately encompassed all the emotions that I wanted to accompany this album. Music, like so many other pursuits, is something that must be at least initially self-taught; it must come from the artist.

‘Roots’ as a title has helped verify that for me. The song is a ‘fictional’ case study of an individual looking to conform to the norm without thought or hesitation as to his true identity. We each carry our own personalized set of beliefs and values. We shouldn’t simply dispose of what defines us for the sake of others.

Change is a good thing, but it must be genuine and be a product of wanting to do something; not because we have to.

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feb 9 2016The subject matter of ‘Amelie’ is perhaps a lot easier to interpret lyrically. While there is a sobering after-thought as to the events that unfold in the song, the storyline surrounds the concept of relationships.

Relationships for me, especially those of love, transcend this life.

I first starting writing this song shortly after my nan died about a year ago. Subsequently, I wanted to incorporate the likely events of a life-long timeline between two lovers.

The personal relationship I have with my own wife invariably had a strong influence on the vibe for this song.

Her name is in fact ‘Amelia’ – not a coincidence I assure you 🙂

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Can’t Stop Me Now

‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ actually came very quickly to me in terms of songwriting. It was in essence, a shout out to the determination and commitment I feel to my music.

Like so many other things, this incorporates more than just my own travails and experiences. We all have our pursuits and goals that we desire to accomplish. Rather than sit back and wait passively for things to materialize, we have to find the time and effort to essentially make these things happen.

The thing I love about lyrics is how self-explanatory they can be when addressing topics in line with the EP track. There are a few specific ‘one-liners’ in this song that really encompass what I was striving to hit with this piece of work:

  • the pipe in the dream an illusion…’
  • ‘follow fearless now your name…’

The purpose of ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ was to highlight how crucial it is to:

  1. Understand that there is a big difference between having a ‘dream’ and a ‘goal.’ It’s simply a matter of mindset and determination.
  2. Being ruthlessly true to yourself and others. Essentially not coming short of what you truly are capable of achieving in this short existence we call life.

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