Just Let Go

I had the opportunity mid-summer to write a new original for an upcoming independent motion picture entitled ‘Just Let Go.’ Similar to any other track that I’d write, I initiated the songwriting process through understanding the message. I met with some of the film’s producers and artists to gauge really the story and vibe they were looking for with this particular song.

oli-k-just-let-go-5It was a little different than normal with this piece of work. I’m used to just combining various musical elements to create something personal that I interpret whereas with this project, I was to incorporate another’s experience into my vehicle of music.

‘Movin On,’ came fairly quickly in that the team suggested something upbeat and lyrical. They wanted it to essentially bridge the negativity to the positive change of events that Henry Ian Cusick portrays in the non-fiction account. I felt pretty chuffed seeing and hearing the track on-screen 🙂

Personal preferences aside, the film really did blow me away. I had heard vaguely about Chris Williams’ story but never anticipated his adaption to be so well presented in theatre. I’d wholeheartedly encourage anyone to watch this amazing story…

Appreciated my wife and dad coming up to the premiere with me in Ogden, Utah. Check out the track on any music platform:

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