Debut EP

oli-k-debut-ep-4So these past 3 months have been time consuming to say the least with regards to my debut EP project… it has demanded many of my evenings! That said it’s been a really exciting and positive experience. This endeavor has really revolved around the theme and goal of solidifying my ongoing musical footprint. I feel it’s ambiguous to conform to the cliché ‘I-want-as-many-people-to-hear-my-songwriting-as-possible…’ Although that may have been the initial mindset, I now find myself asking questions like, ‘What do I want people to feel when they hear my music? How does my music reflect my story?’

The more meaningful and ‘original’ the subject matter, the more thoughtful the song – I’ve found.

It’s really dynamic, the mentality behind songwriting. Initially there seems to be this dark cloud of doubt in terms of one’s ‘ability’ to write original music but over time, you learn to operate on your instinct or gut feeling regarding how different musical elements connect. I’m a firm believer that your natural instinct is essentially the product of everything that you devote your time and attention towards; what you ‘put in.’ In other words, for me having an ‘ear’ for how music should interpret a subject is all relative what’s going on consciously and subconsciously. In theory you could apply this principle everywhere!

I could ramble on for days but to keep it short and sweet, this EP is very much me. Again it’s exciting to say the least; what the public is going to make of this project! Dave over at Audio West has been fantastic.

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