2016 In Review

What a year it has been. There’s plenty to highlight and feel appreciation for. If anything, 2016 has really solidified our vision for the future. Alas we can’t cover everything however, in no significant order here’s a couple of key highlights from the year!

Getting the Band Together

We gotta lot of love…

Duh… obviously this has to be number 1… When all is said and done, it’s about the music. I personally (as in Oli selfishly speaking here) couldn’t ask for a better group of talented musicians to pursue this with. We feel such a clear dynamic and perspective for what lies ahead for Oli K. There’s a real established sound and vibe in the band. We only hope that you can all identify the same in our music. We feel we’ve only scratched the surface with what’s in store for us…

Debut EP Album

The mini EP album ‘ROOTS’ has really kickstarted everything. It was our way of making an impression and footprint in the community. Although it was a long 3-4 months in the studio, the arduous work was well worth the wait. The response has been phenomenal. Hitting milestones like 300k+ views on Youtube between two of the tracks in itself was such an achievement.


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BBC Radio Time

Hearing the album title track ‘Roots’ on the BBC in South London was SUCH a highlight for us. Surreal in fact. We literally were just discovered, randomly, by one of their A&R reps. She reached out to us with a request, we emphatically responded with a resounding ‘Yes,’ and the following week we were listening to ourselves on the BBC. Fantastic.

By the way, shoutout to the independent radio station in Surrey that also aired ‘Amelie’ – cheers guys! (It was ‘Surreal’ hearing Amelie on a ‘Surrey’ radio station where my family lives back home)…

Acoustic Music Video Shoot of Amelie

Music Videos

Specifically on this one, our two summer music videos; Roots and Amelie. We were privileged to see a lot of chatter on YouTube and even had VEVO themselves push the tracks. Ryker Garrett, our director, did an absolutely fantastic job. From day one we had in mind a really stripped video that would showcase the music beyond anything else. Happy to say that he did just that.

Tongue In Cheek – Single Release

This was actually like the 2nd song I ever wrote ha! I never imagined that it would evolve and establish itself as such a key piece in our set. We in fact open with this track in nearly every show that we put on. Naturally as a band, when discussing an appropriate selection for a Single, it’s all about a unanimous feel whereas an album can provide more individuality between tracks for band members. Bottom line, the production of the song went even better than expected… oh and the 100k views on Facebook was rather nice 😉

Shows, Shows, and… Shows

From the Park City Film Festival and Utah Music Awards to a packed EP release show that we headlined in Orem. We feel our live performance has come along in leaps and bounds. Moreover, our fans are amazing. Your energy and dedication to our cause is inspiring.

So here’s to an ever more successful and monumental 2017…

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